Montag, 13. April 2015

Kolloquium vom 16.04.-18.04.2015:´Neue Bilderwelten. Zu Ikonographie und Hermeneutik Italischer Sigillata

Vom 16. April bis zum 18. April 2015 findet auf dem Schloss Hohentübingen im Institut der Klassischen Archäologie ein Kolloquium zu Thema "Neue Bilderwelten. Zu Ikonographie und Hermeneutik Italischer Sigillata." statt:

The Augustan period was an era of change, but also of consolidation, across all aspects of Roman society. This is reflected in a new multitude of images, which directly reflect new ideologies of statehood and power. Such politically motivated changes in artistic conventions can be identified not only on key monuments of “public art”, but also on artefacts such as decorated finewares and lamps. During the Republic, such objects only rarely served as iconographic agents. The Augustan period, however, firmly established them as pictorial media. Amongst such objects, the richly decorated Italian Terra Sigillata, produced in several workshops from c. 30 BC onwards, plays a key role. This type of pottery, exported across most of the Mediterranean sphere, is to be studied and analysed as part of this workshop.
As usual for Roman decorated finewars, Italian Sigillata has mainly been studied in chronological, typological and iconographical terms. Wider-reaching questions regarding the interpretation and meaning of the imagery depicted on this type of medium, however, have only rarely been undertaken.
The aim of this workshop is to focus on such themes, in order to develop an understanding of the function and potential of the iconography depicted on this type of ceramic, which is the first instance of Roman imperial systematic sigillata production.

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