Dienstag, 6. Januar 2015

08.01.15 Magistranden-/Doktoranden-Kolloquium-Promachos revisited: The attacking Athena as symbol in ancient Greece

Am Donnerstag (08.01.15) findet im Rahmen des Magistranden-/Doktoranden-Kolloquium ein Vortrag von unserem amerikanischen Gastdozent Matthew Peebles zum Thema 'Promachos revisited: The attacking Athena as symbol in ancient Greece' statt.

While a number of studies have documented the formal evolution of the "Promachos" guise of the goddess Athena in Greek art, critical questions regarding its dissemination and meaning within various poleis remain unaddressed.  My study interrogates the image of the attacking Athena through a social semiotic lens, suggesting a powerful and enduring significance of the Promachos as a religious, cultural, and personal symbol in ancient Athens and beyond.
Dazu sind alle herzlich eingeladen.

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